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We are grateful for all those who have contributed to this effort through research, transcription, photography, and a shared passion for Soldiers' Home history.

  • Jill Zahn and Janice Curnes, VAMC Librarians
  • Laura Rinaldi, Reclaiming Our Heritage Committee
  • Maureen Malloy, design of the original Historic VA website
  • Ellen Puerzer, Researcher and Historian
  • Marlene Balistreri, VA Volunteer, for transcription and editing
  • Erich Inglin, VA Volunteer, for scanning and transcription
  • Darlene Richardson, VA Historian
  •  Suzanne Julin, author of the NPS THeme Study. Excerpts from her National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers: Assessment of Significance and National Historic Landmark Recommendation are in the public domain. Read the entire report by selecting NHDVS on the NPS Theme Study List.
  • Members and friends of the West Side Soldiers Aid Society
  • Patricia Lynch, editor, Out at the Soldiers' Home: A Memory Book, by Elizabeth Corbett, expanded edition published by the West Side Soldiers Aid Society, 2008, and author, Milwaukee's Soldiers Home, 2013.
  •  Kristin Gilpatrick, Todd Hunter and Patricia Lynch and Karen Hubbard (author) for completing the National Register of Historic Places nomination for the National Soldiers Home Historic District, 2005.
  • Steve Michaels for his contributions on Calvary Cemetery and Lydia Ely Hewitt
  • Marsha Berenson for the biography of Hannah Ring Vedder
  • Website by Patricia Lynch, Harvest Graphics
  • Publishing Partners for Milwaukee's Soldiers Home

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