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Lest We Forget

The Home makes no history; it rather embalms it. Living history haunts its shades, and reposes in the breasts of the heroes of many battles.Here a grateful people come to read in living letters the story of the last great fight for liberty, and learn its value at the price it cost.The precious records are there; the Home is the casket that cherishes and preserves them.And when, as the years go by, the cemetery shall have folded to its motherly breast the last tired survivor, and closed the book, as with a golden clasp, let future generations, as they visit this hallowed spot, keep ever green in memory the history it contains.

History of Milwaukee, 1881

Since 2002 family members and friends have shared stories and photographs of the servicemen and women buried in Wood National Cemetery. We offer just a few of the tens of thousands of stories that reveal the courage and honor of those who rest in this hallowed ground.

Thanks to Laura Rinaldi for initiating this project and to Katherine Mann Weisse and Kelly Underwood for editing and organizing the biographical entries.

National VA Gravesite Locator

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