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Medical Staff

  • Dr. S. S. Millrt
  • Dr. J. H. Thompson
  • Dr. S. K. Towle
  • Dr. J. Stearns
  • Dr. J. L. Paige
  • Dr. A. J. Hare
  • Dr. W. H. Leighton
  • Maj. Almon Clarke, MD


  • Maj. Oscar Chrysler, MD
  • Maj. Vernon Roberts, MD
  • Maj. Andrew S. Stayer, MD
  • Lt. Col. Byron Snell, MD
  • Lt. Col. Thomas S. Roach, MD
  • Lt. Col. A. B. Thompson, MD
  • Col. Burton O. Clark, MD
  • Dr. Charles Hughes
  • Dr. Laurence J. Bernard
  • Lt. Col. Glen Mullins, MD
  • Dr. Leslie H. Wright
  • Dr. Richard L. Matte
  • Dr. Roger S. St. Pierre
  • Dr. Henry L. Vogl
  • Dr. Charles V. Henke
  • Dr. Francis G. Dickey
  • Dr. Frederick J. Rachiele
  • Dr. Jack Levin (acting)
  • Dr. William Matousek
  • Thomas L. Garthwaite, MD
  • Joseph Cottrell, MD
  • Michael Erdmann, MD

William C. Matousek, MD, Chief of Staff,  1965-1987

William C. Matousek, born in Chicago, IL, in March 1923, received his associate of arts degree from the University of Chicago in 1944.  He completed requirements for his Bachelor of Science degree at the University of North Dakota in 1946, and earned his degree in medicine in 1948, from the University of Illinois.  In 1952 he completed a residency in internal medicine at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, DC.

He served in the U.S. Army as a corpsman and physician and was stationed in the United States, Korea and Japan.  Entering the Army as a private, Matousek was discharged in 1955 as a major.

Prior to coming to the Milwaukee medical center, Matousek spent 10 years at Miles City, MT, as chief of medicine and during the last three years at chief of staff.

He authored two texts, the Manual of Differential Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis and his articles have appeared in a number of professional journals.

Matousek served on the faculty of the Medical College of Wisconsin as an associate professor in medicine. During his career, he was preceptor for 30 chief of staff trainees prior to assignments within the VA.

Following retirement Matousek and his wife continued to enjoy foreign travel. After residing on the VA Medical Center grounds for twenty-one years, they became homeowners in Brookfield.

The VA Medical Center Auditorium is named in his memory.

Adapted from an from article appearing in 5000 West 4(7) 18 January 1989.

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