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Firehouse, 1883

Building 11, the second firehouse on the campus, serves as transitional housing for VA patients. If you look at the east side of this building you can see the signs of the two bays of its original design. The first firehouse on the grounds was a one-bay structure located across from Old Main near Lake Hincks.

This late nineteenth century lithograph shows (1) the original firehouse,
(2) Lake Hincks, (3) the artillery field, (4) fountain, (5) main building,
(6) old men's barracks, (7) governor's residence, and

(8) secretary and surgeon's quarters.

The Board’s concern for the aged and infirm members resulted in a number of small-scale, but very significant actions to improve the conditions for their care. Fire protection became a major concern; fire escapes, pumping stations, and fire fighting equipment were topics of discussion for the Board. At the Northwestern Branch, this concern resulted in the construction of a two-bay fire engine house and engineer quarters in 1883 (Building 11). National Register Nomination
There is a first-class fire engine on the ground, in a house built expressly for it. This is manned by veterans, who have fine quarters in that building. There is also a complete system of fire hydrants, and an  organized force is ever ready to do good service in case of a conflagration. 1895 Souvenir Book

Photo circa 1910 courtesy of West Milwaukee Historical Society.

Conversion of the 1883 firehouse into quarters

Building 11 now serves as a transitional living quarters to VA patients.
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